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Trip to Harbin

1st Day


Zhuhai Airport --> Shenyang Airport

(Reference flight time: ZH8308 09:40 or ZH8309 17:10)

→ VisitShenyang Middle Street】China’s top ten pedestrian streets and the most prosperous commercial street during the Qing Dynasty



2nd Day



→ Visit Shenyang Imperial Palace】(closed on Mondays) World Cultural Sites, one of the only two remaining palaces in China, is the palace built by Nurhachi and Huang Taiji. It has a unique history and design which mark it different from the Forbidden City in Beijing

→ Visit Century Plaza(approximately 1 hour tour). Century Plaza is located between Jilin City Museum and the south bank of Songhua River. It is more than 900 meters long from north to south and more than 200 meters from east to west. It is composed of building complex, dry fountain, national flag platform, "Ship of the Century" tower, musical fountain, Wangjiang platform, etc. It is a landscape garden reflecting the characteristics of the city in Jilin City



3rd Day



→ go to the fairy tale world in the snow Rime Corridor】Every winter, the rising mist in the unfreeze river water will condense into frost on the trees, the pine willow will hang on the snow. From a distance, the rows of snow waves are spectacular. (Since it is a natural scenery, it takes one's luck to see it)

→  Stroll the northern specialties townChina's First Snow Town】Enjoy the Snow Village at night and watch the loose snow like being in a fairy world. The white snow shone like a short white cloud under the red lantern


→You can visit the fairy tale world at your own expense—Dream Homeland(both sides of Xuexiang roads) Thousands of Yangko + Snow Camp Fire Home Party】When night falls, the red lanterns are all lit up, and the Northeast Yangko—the most local leisure way of life. During the party, thousands of people and tourists gather at the bonfire site to light a raging bonfire in the snowy fairy tale world. Every year, many excited tourists stage a "crazy naked bonfire".

Featured Homestay -- Duwei Kang


Remarks: The Thousand People Yangko and Bonfire activities start at 19:00 in the evening. The scenic spot depends on the weather conditions, so there is no guarantee that every team can see it.


4th Day

​Xuexiang - Yabuli


Skiing for 3 hours】Go to the Wanjia Junior Ski Resort in Xuexiang to experience the natural ski resort. The snow is soft and does not hurt when you fall. It is very suitable for junior skiers to experience thrilling and exciting aristocratic skiing   

 Visit Xueyun StreetThe snow volume, beautiful snow scenery, pure snow quality, one step at a time, can be photographed in Xuexiang, let the beauty of the moment remain in your eternal memories  


Take a bus to Yabuli Tourist Resort】

→Visit Yaxue Station Ice and Snow Ten Mile GalleryEnjoy the scenery of the Northland with thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow drifting. The unique geographical location creates an excellent natural beauty. Visitors walk through the rime and trees hanging on the pure white snow. In, appreciate the charm of nature  





​5th Day

Yabuli - Harbin


visit 【Korean Folklore Garden, experience the rich folk culture of the Korean people, experience spicy cabbage at a close distance, play cake experience hall, learn about the Korean food culture, experience the exciting and romantic Korean sports project swing and springboard. Home visits of the Korean people, feel the folk customs of the Korean people, learn the daily language of the Korean people, wear Korean national costumes, participate in the most primitive wedding interactions, learn the Korean song and dance performances, visit the homes of the Korean people, and learn about the life and culture of the Korean people

【Airport Tour Road Tourist Service Center】 Taste the eight special dishes of Harbin. You can also purchase Russian products and Longjiang specialties according to your own needs.

Afterwards, visit one of the most characteristic pedestrian streets in Harbin --【Benian Old Street Central Street】 It records the history of the town and is known as "The First Street in Asia." Walking in between, is like walking on an architectural art corridor.

【Flood Control Memorial Tower】 A Harbin’s landmark building which was built to commemorate the victory of the people overcoming the devastating floods of 1957; this tower has become a symbol of the heroic city of Harbin. Everyone who comes to Harbin will take pictures under this tower

【Hundred Years Binzhou Railway Bridge】 Due to its long history, Harbin people call it Laojiang Bridge, which has completed its most important historical mission. There will be no iron horse running any more. With the new railway bridge put into use next to it, the passage of century-old bridge has also become history

【Harbin Ice and Snow World】 (stay for 1.5 hours) As night falls, neon lights up the glittering world and transforms into a colorful ice and snow kingdom. Watch the ice dance, acrobatics and other wonderful performances in the warm spring ice and snow theater, and watch the unique snow and ice sculptures in the folklore area




6th Day

Harbin - Zhuhai

Harbin Airport --> Zhuhai Airport

(Reference flight time: ZH8310 09:30 or ZH8309 16:40)

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