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Trip to Chaoshan

1st Day

Macau - Shantou

Gather at the Gongbei Port

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport --> Jieyang Chaoshan Airport

Reference flight time: FM9298 (15:45/16:40)

Chenghai (about 1 hour by car) 




2nd Day

Shantou - Chaozhou - Shantou


→ Chaozhou (about 50 minutes by car)

→ Visit the 【Chaozhou ancient city】 and 【Hanwen Gong Ancestral Housewhich commemorate Han Yu, the first of the eight great masters of the Tang and Song dynasties

 Visit one of the four ancient famous bridges in China 【The Xiangzi Bridge】Mao Yisheng, a famous expert on the bridge, said, "A part of Xiangzi Bridge is connected by boats as a pontoon bridge. When it is open, there is a channel for ships and boats to get across. It can also be closed. Since it can be open or closed, it is a special case in the history of bridges in China." There are various pavilions on the bridge, so there is a popular saying, "twenty-four pavilions have twenty-four styles."

 【Chaozhou Binjiang Gallery】and watch the beautiful scenery of the largest ancient city wall in the country


→ Visit 【Kaiyuan Temple】 , the temple condenses the different architectural style of each dynasty, namely the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty. The cultural relics in the temple are of great historical and visiting value

【Paifang Street】Nearly 2 kilometers in length, 22 archways with profound historical accumulations will bring a strong visual and spiritual shock

→ visit 【Da Lao Ye Palace】The Ancient Temple is especially honored by those whose career relates to traveling to the ocean and doing business


→  Enjoy light show of the ancient city of Chaozhou, 【Guangji Bridge "Light and Shadow Show"】 (If it cannot be watched due to policy or weather, the project will be cancelled)


3rd Day



take a coach back to Shantou (about 30 minutes by car), car tour【Lin Baixin Convention and Exhibition Center】 (external view),【Coastal Promenade】 , 【Old City District】 

Visit【Shantou Old Community】which witness the historical and commercial prosperity of Shantou, the core landmarks and cultural symbols of the old city

Return to Zhuhai

(Reference flight time: FM9297 (13:45/14:55)

Dismiss at Gongbei Port. 

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