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Trip to Yunnan - Xishuangbanna

1st Day


Gather at Gongbei Port

 Zhuhai Airport --> Kunming

(Flight reference time: DR6528 23:00-01:20)

Check in hotel

Free time afterwards


2nd Day

Kunming - Tropic of Cancer - Ancient Tea Horse Road


 Travelling to【Xishuangbanna】via Ailao Mountain Forte-Yuxi, Yunnan's lowest point-[Yuanjiang], Asia's highest bridge at the time of completion [Yuanjiang Bridge], the town of twins-[Mojiang], China's most beautiful highway- [Sixiao Highway] Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park】 (tour time about 90 minutes) With the theme of "Tropic of Cancer", it is currently one of the world’s largest and most complete Tropic of Cancer parks. It is the first group of AAAA-level tourist attractions

Arrive at the starting point of the "Ancient Southern Silk Road" by car, the ancient Tea Horse Road Ruins Tea Horse Road Tourist Attraction】(Tour time about 120 minutes) The Tea Horse Road records the business history of mankind for thousands of years, Along the ancient road, there are cliffs, open and flat, or rugged, or winding paths are quiet, traveling through the time tunnels of the five dynasties of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties

3rd Day

Dadugang Ten Thousand Mu Tea Garden - Wild Elephant Valley - Gaozhuang Red Box Afternoon Tea - Net Red Cruise


Visit one of the ecological farms 【Dadugang Ten Thousand Mu Tea Garden] (Tour time: about 90 minutes) The tea garden is surrounded by smoke, and the tea tip flashes with crystal clear light after the baptism of dew, watching the tea pickers start the day’s hard work Labor. After lunch, proceed to visit the ideal and mysterious tropical rainforest adventure sacred place, the national 4A-level scenic spot

[Wild Elephant Valley] (visit time is about 90 minutes) through the tropical rain forest, you will have the opportunity to see the spectacular wild elephants. They sometimes play by the river, sometimes walk on the grass for joy, and when they are happy they will raise their long noses and sing high-pitched songs. Among them are: white pheasant, Yunnan wild fowl, budgerigar, etc.

Watching the elephant show of [Elephant School] , allowing you to have close contact with the well-behaved and clever elephants. Their talents of dancing and painting make you have to admire their cleverness, and

The exclusive gift experience [Gao Zhuang "Red Box" Afternoon Tea]. It is said that Xishuangbanna is known as "Little Thailand", and the city of Jinghong in Xishuangbanna is more like Thailand. Thailand, mainly gourmet snacks and a variety of special handicrafts, and come to Xishuangbanna to play, you can not miss the night market. The night market is composed of small stall owners, some of them are locals, and some come from all over the world like tourists. There are many stall owners selling handicrafts, ethnic costumes, gem jewelry and so on.

The exclusive gift from the must-play Internet celebrity land [net celebrity cruise] Night cruise on the Mekong River, crossing the Mekong River · Six Nations Water Market Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, full of leisure and entertainment with exotic Southeast Asia, the Six Nations Water Market, the famous Lancang River Visit the Mekong River at night through the waterway, cross the Mekong River·Six Nations Water Market, and experience the romance and prosperity of multiple customs.


4th Day

Flower Garden - Big Buddha Temple - Gaozhuang Liuguo Style Street


→ drive to the national 4A-level tourist attraction [Xishuangbanna Tropical Flower Garden] (visit time 120 minutes). The tropical flower garden mainly embodies the four themes of tropical plants and flowers, tropical rubber and tropical fruits, and the cultural relics area of the Premier Zhou Monument. There are leaf gardens, savannah lawn area, monument to Premier Zhou, tropical palm area

→ visit the royal temple of King Dai [Mengling Big Buddha Temple] (visit time 60 minutes), the Buddhist temple is in the ancient Dai Dynasty's royal temple "Jingpiao Buddhist Temple" Built on the original site, with the life of Buddha Sakyamuni and Buddhist temple activities as the main line, there are more than 500 Buddhist temples and more than 200 pagodas, such as the Kowloon Bathing Buddha, Jingpiao Hall, Shenshi, National Hall, and Auspicious Buddha

→ Visit "Gao Zhuang Lanmei Six Nations Style Street", in the Mekong Floating Market of the six countries on the river, the merchant ships on both sides of the bank sell fresh melons and fruits, which is very lively.

5th Day

Dai Village - Kunming


→ Visit [Daijia Village] (visit time is about 120 minutes). The village is a typical Dai village. The building is a "dry fence" bamboo house. The bamboo fence between households is a fence. Into the courtyard. Coconuts, bananas, bamboo forests and other fruit trees are planted all around, lush everywhere Subtropical scenery and exoticism

→ Drive through the Mojiang River and cross the world's first elevated bridge [Red River Bridge] to Kunming.



6th Day

Kunming - Zhuhai


 → [Specialty Distributing Center] (Visit time is about 120 minutes)


 [Dianchi Sea Terrier Dadi ] Every winter, there will always be thousands of red-headed gulls here to spend the winter, turning on the lake The flying red-headed gull has become a major landscape of Dianchi Lake in winter, ending the pleasant journey!

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